Monday, July 15, 2024
Welcome to MyClosingPapers™

MyClosingPapers™ is the most convenient and secure way to store and retrieve important documents concerning your home purchase. We store everything from the purchase agreement to the final documents for your peace of mind.

And, it's easy to use. Simply login using your unique user name and password and you will be given instant access to all of your stored documents to view print and save a copy on your own computer. All documents are conveniently stored in the universal PDF format with free Acrobat Reader.

Use MyClosingPapers for these great features:
    • Access Your Closing Documents - view, print, save or email to others
    • Access Your Real Estate Professional's Contact Info - leave notes
    • Create and Store Notes - you may choose to copy your agent on your notes
    • Personal Documents Storage - Stores important personal documents
    • Home Inventory Manager - store contents and photos by room/category and the ability to print tabulated page of home inventory and value and their images
    • Send an eGreeting - notify friends you've moved with your home picture and note
MyClosingPapers is absolutely secure. No one will ever have access to your inventory, personal documents or notes that are not intended for your agent. All this is available right now, 24 hours a day, to serve you.

Here are just a few reasons to trust MyClosingPapers...
  1) "It's April 14th. My CPA wants my closing statements & I've been through every box in the house - help!?"
  2) "I need a copy of my HUD - how quickly can you get it to me?"
  3) "I lost my closing papers - can you send me duplicates?"

Imagine the benefit of having at tax time!